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必修2 Module6 Films and TV Programme短语多维应用

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摘要: 必修2Module6FilmsandTVProgramme短语多维应用高频短语1.comeout出现;出版;发行2.beinlovewith爱上;喜欢(表状态)3.toone'ss......
必修2 Module6 Films and TV Programme短语多维应用
高频短语 1.come out 出现;出版;发行
2.be in love with 爱上;喜欢(表状态)
3.to one's surprise 令某人吃惊的是
4.tell of 讲述
5.in surprise 吃惊地 [语境运用] 选用左面短语的适当形式填空。
Tom's new book will ①come out next month,which ②tells of  a love story.In the story Tom,the hero,and Mary ③have been in love with each other for many years.They often help each other.But much ④to our surprise,they don't have a happy ending.Why?Next month you'll know it.
6.play a part 扮演角色
7.care about 关心;顾虑;在乎

8.every now and then 有时;偶尔


9.at the age of 在……岁时
10.fall in love with 爱上;喜欢(表动作) [语境运用] 选用左面短语的适当形式填空。
Last night I read a novel.In the novel,the hero and the heroine ⑤fell in love with each other ⑥at the age of 20.They ⑦cared about each other.But ⑧every now and then they quarreled,after which they soon made up.They decided to become film stars and wanted to ⑨play parts in films.In the end their dream came true.
 [句式 结构仿写]
教材原句背诵 句式仿写应用
Unusually,it is the female characters that interest us most. 是我进入了高中才意识到英语的重要性。
It was when I entered senior high school that I realized the importance of English.
Brave,good and strong,Xiulian is the character we care about most. 长途旅行后,这三人回到了家,又累又饿。
After the long journey,the three of them went back home,tired and hungry.
3.It is +v.-ed +that ...
But it is generally agreed,that he,more than anyone else in the history of films,understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”. 人们相信,如果所有的人能和平共处,那个地方就能变成天堂。
It is believed that the place will become a paradise if all people live in peace.

三言 两语
1.The Voice of China is a good talent show, which is very popular with the young people.
2.Beijing Opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture, which is loved by many people.
3.Judging from the wild clapping and cheers that filled the cinema, it is generally agreed that it was indeed the best film of the year. 1.这部电影是以一个偏远的山村为背景。
The film is set in a remote mountainous village.
There is no doubt that cartoons play an important role in the development of children.
1.(2018·北京卷)Anger is rarely looked upon as a beneficial character trait, and is usually advised to reduce it.性格;个性
2.(2018·江苏卷)As a major channel of consumption information, the rating is an efficient source of information for shopping in our own consumption.渠道
3.(2017·浙江卷)The governments argue that this will help foreigners better join the society and promote understanding across cultures.主张
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